Fathers and Blessings (FAB) NFP is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization that focuses on providing empowering resources that are designed to uplift the communities that we serve. We have adopted a two-fold approach to how to best meet the needs of our community. We endeavor to provide people with a “hand up” and not just a “hand out”.

First and foremost, we provide upscale transitional/permanent housing to accommodate individuals and families who are experiencing hardships which jeopardize their ability to obtain and maintain suitable sustainable housing.  The FAB House currently serves as a safe haven and home for veterans and non-violent offenders seeking to overcome various challenges that have held them captive from rising above unsettling and often times painful circumstances in their lives.

Secondly, we focus on providing empowering resources that are designed to uplift the entire community. Presently, we provide community beautification, lawn care, vacant lot and abandoned/foreclosed property maintenance, and landscaping services to the Village of Dolton. Even though we are a recently established non-profit organization, we are operating at an accelerated rate. Organizations throughout the region have contacted us expressing interest in partnering due to being referred to us by individuals and organizations that have witnessed the impact that we have on the communities that we serve. With continued partnerships, we would be able to reach our goal of serving as a catalyst for change in these communities.

FAB is currently receives no state or federal funds. While such funding support would be a tremendous help to our mission, we implement entrepreneurial strategies and volunteer support that sustains our programs that will ultimately lead to self-sufficiency.


FAB is a non-profit grassroots organization that focuses on community building and revitalization. Our mission is to provide transitional housing, youth mentoring/character development, neighborhood beautification, employment readiness and enrichment services designed to uplift the community and disenfranchised citizens in the Village of Dolton, IL.


To eliminate factors and circumstances that contribute to homelessness and provide solutions and services designed to strengthen, revitalize and resurrect the overall quality of life for residents in underserved/disenfranchised communities.


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