Demetrious Walker is the founder of Fathers and Blessings (FAB), a nonprofit organization started in Chicago, IL. Presently located in Chicago’s South Suburbs, (FAB) is making tremendous strides in these often-overlooked communities. Demetrious studied business management at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. He has serviced students at Career Educational Group through the Admissions Department. There he assisted students with their academic goals, financial balancing, and long-term planning. Demetrious has also served as chairperson of the recruitment committee for the college where he was able to utilize his stellar marketing and business skills. Demetrious has been successful in business, real-estate, and restaurant ownership.

The desire and passion for wanting to help those that are less fortunate was birthed when he was just a child. He would see people who were hurting, less fortunate, struggling with starvation, poverty and mental illness and wanted to effect change in their lives. This realization made him ask himself several questions: “What happened in their life?” and “How did they get like this?” After pondering those questions, he was given a solution or, what Demetrious calls, “a vision from God.” Within this vision a question rang loud and clear, “What if I could help them?” These questions spearheaded the determination in the next steps of his journey. It was at this moment that God began to pull at his heart strings and he became determined to formulate a plan to assist others. This desire was not recreational, he felt compelled to devote his life to this mission.

During his life Demetrious has experienced unemployment, incarceration and life’s misfortunes. He too has struggled with bouts of homelessness and knows firsthand what it feels like to be unsure where your next meal was going to come from. These personal perils have enabled Demetrious to have an unsurpassed compassion and empathy for those he has set out to serve.

In 2012, Demetrious was asked to become the Chief Marketing Officer for a service project for the homeless on the city’s South Side called The Mother’s House. His responsibilities incorporated all of the skills acquired through his previous management and entrepreneurial experiences and he soon became an effective liaison between residents, health care providers, doctors, case workers, community stakeholders and employment services. While at Mother’s House, he implemented several programs and streamlined the resident’s wellness processes to make the most impact for the overall benefit of the residents. He was also able to identify those in need of the most help and ascertain what the most effective action plan would be. This experience lead to the creation of Fathers and Blessings, NFP (FAB) and the FAB House.

Fathers and Blessings, NFP (FAB) has grown tremendously since its conception, it was awarded the prestigious Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago Award for their outstanding commitment and effort to promote, strengthen and provide stability to our communities.

Demetrious has fully accepted the call on his life and has expanded FAB to reach beyond housing to job training, neighborhood beautification, mentor programs, a resale store, and a host of other innovative programs.

Every morning he asks himself the same question Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked during his 1957 speech, “What are you doing for others?” After asking himself that question he sets out to answer it by the time he lays down to rest each night. Demetrious believes that his life’s purpose is to help those that are less fortunate by giving them hope and showing them a different way of life.


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