We have formed a strategic alliance with community partners as we strive to implement programs that are designed to add value to the community.


FATHERS AND BLESSINGS (FAB) NFP has established a youth sports program for children grades 3rd – 8th. The major factor for this program is that we intend to provide this program for FREE and open to all children of the Dolton community.

The program includes:






In addition to sports, we offer a MENTORING PROGRAM to encompass:

Entrepreneurial Training



Resume Writing

College Preparation/Advising

Job Readiness

Culinary Arts

Conflict Resolution


As aforementioned, this program is offered as a completely free program. We offer free uniforms, shoes (if needed), equipment and capable, experienced coaching/mentoring staff to all participants.

Youth Employment & Empowerment Skills (Y.E.S.) Mentorship Training Learn & Earn Program

 FATHERS AND BLESSINGS (FAB) NFP is also working with local school districts and other youth development organizations in order to successfully implement our Youth Employment Skills Mentorship Training Learn & Earn Program.  This program is strategically designed to provide program participants between the ages of 7-21 with general soft skills and applicable landscaping and agricultural skills that they would be able to apply both in the workplace and in everyday life.  Skills gained from this program will essentially prepare youth to be productive learners and earners in the workplace.  This program also provides the knowledge to perform well on the job while attending additional education and skill training programs.

Our pilot program kicked off in February of 2017 with a youth basketball league infusing calisthenics, endurance, athleticism, sportsmanship, team work, and accountability inside of a sports program. Along with training, discipline and self-esteem building FAB provided transportation for games and practices along with uniforms at no cost to the families.

The second part of the (Y.E.S.) program consisted of a group of young men in the 7th and 8th grades from a local middle school. This mentorship/training program was held in an open forum type setting where the participants were able to discuss what was most important to them in a safe environment. These sessions enforced positive conflict resolution, enforcement of brotherhood, and community accountability. The students came up with sound solutions on how to be assets to their communities. They were trained on responsibility, humanity, communication, politics and ethics. The end result was phenomenal and the impact evident in their “vision board” presentation that was held in front of the entire School Board.

This pilot was a HUGE success

Lastly, your involvement is one of healing to quiet our hour(s) of bereavement, that when echoed upon the mind’s eye, has the power to transform the hearts of our residents from “mourning to morning.” Let’s use our plan to promote our community and help guide our youth to an improved quality of life.


©2018 Father & Blessings

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